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Small Business Phone Systems The size of your business and how it operates will play a big part when you are deciding which type of phone system you will get for your business. Those who own small businesses can boost their efficiency and support their growth with certain telephone system features. One big problem small businesses face is that they have fewer resources than big businesses but they will have to compete with them Let us talk about phone system features that will be beneficial to your startup or small business. One feature of a good phone system for your business is call forwarding There are some call-forwarding features that allows the call to be forwarded to a group of phone numbers, which will ring simultaneously until someone answers it. What the call forwarding will do if no one answers the call is that it will record the call as a voice mail message. This is especially ideal for small businesses that do not have the capacity to hire a person who will be tasked to taking calls only. It is also a wonderful feature to avoid missing any crucial or important calls that will be vital to one’s business. Another feature that is great for startup or small businesses is the voicemail feature. Even though voicemail is a basic feature on many phones today, you will want one that has more advanced features.
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One thing you should look for wen you are choosing a phone system is remote access voicemail. These are very handy for small businesses because they have longer periods of time when there is no one in the office. The remote access feature will allow you to access voicemail or messages from almost all places around the country.
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One problem many people face with voice mail is that it is sometimes too short to record what you want to say. This is a big problem when a customer is trying to deliver a message but she gets cut off by the voice mail limit and she decides to do business elsewhere. What you should do is get a phone system that has an extended voice mail feature When you want to personalize you automated greetings, you will want to get a phone system that has multiple greeting features. This will give your business phone system several different pre-recorded voicemail voice greetings so that the most relevant one will be played back at any given time. What you can do is customize the greetings so that you have different greetings for different times. This feature will really boost your reputation as being professional What this feature will save you from is having to change your greeting ever time there is a new occasion. One little feature that is great for your small business phone system is the music or advertisement on hold feature that will let your customers or clients listen go music or an advertisement while they wait for a representative from your office to pick up their call and attend to their needs.